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5 Ways To Reach Enlightenment, Be Sexy & Set The World On Fire.



“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

One morning I woke up with the thought, “Enlightenment is what is really sexy!”

Hello, truth bomb! The sexy I’m talking about is what I’d see in certain people who had that je ne sais quoi, that sparkle and grace I could never put my finger on… that inner light which really makes ‘em shine.

Yep, those awakened souls I’ve encountered in my travels definitely have the juice, the magic, a look in their eye and a feeling about them that makes people take notice. What I’m saying is, it is sexy to be lit up by the Universe itself.

Sure, it’s awesome to look beautiful and radiate a personal sense of style, but the real deal is what’s happening on the inside.

See, when you start living life in a more awake or enlightened state, things change. You eat differently, your space becomes more important to you, your spiritual practices become the backbone of your existence, and above all, what’s true for you becomes your Bible.

Which leads us to today’s list — here are the top five ways to be enlightened and sexy:

1. Spiritual Practice: Get one. This is what connects you to the power of the Universe. It doesn’t matter if you want to meditate (I do Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes twice a day), do Yoga, walk in nature or attend weekly church services.

Hell, I don’t care if your spiritual practice is standing on your head while your cat stares at you! The point is, by going beyond your monkey mind every day, you’re giving your soul a chance to tap into the good stuff. It’s what will fuel you and make you not only sexy, but unbelievably powerful.

Even more, deepening that spiritual connection is your ticket to freedom.

2. Follow The Signs: Once you start opening up to this new way of living (from the inside out), you’ll very likely find that the Cosmos will show you the way. You just have to be open to seeing the signs.

Those coincidences and unexpected boons start showing up more often, and benevolent forces seem ready and willing to steer your course toward a better life experience. This connects back to your spiritual practice.

The inner silence you tune into when going into your zone helps you recognize and make use of the clues present all around you. All the time. And once you’re flowing more often through your life, things get a whole lot cooler. You become lighter, less stressed… and way sexier! There is nothing sexy about being a freaked out mess.

3. Give Up Control: Let’s face it, we aren’t in control of very much. Yeah, we make decisions all the time, but what is really going on? It seems to me there’s a much bigger picture than what we’re aware of.

I get that there is a force much greater than us that’s making this world spin. And that force has a much bigger plan than we could ever have for ourselves. The point is to tap into that Universal plan and ride that wave, letting go of the demands and expectations we so often impose on how things are at the moment.

One of my favorite quotes is by Catherine of Siena: “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” And no, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

4. Don’t Fit In: Striving to be like everyone else is completely lame. The pressure placed on us to conform is absolutely everywhere — but it’s simply bullshit. What makes you beautiful and sexy is your uniqueness. The weirdness that always concerned you is actually what makes you amazing!

Don’t you love people who march to their own drum, who know exactly who they are, and don’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks? Those are the humans who break boundaries, create beautiful works of art, and shatter our illusions. Fitting in actually sucks, and is the opposite of enlightened and sexy.

5. Experience Is Your Best Teacher: School is totally cool, and reading is my passion, but nothing — and I mean nothing — can replace good old-fashioned experience. The knowledge you get from just going out there and doing it is far greater than any understanding you could ever get from a book.

Our in-the-trenches, hands-on experiences are what shape us the most. They open our eyes to new ways of living, to new places to explore and to the most interesting, life-enhancing people. And nothing is sexier than a well-traveled woman or a person who goes out there and grabs the world by the tail. A human who has really lived.

And when you are living it, more and more each day, you’re rapidly and deeply getting to know who you really are… and that is sexy.


Valerie Gangas
After a life-changing 20-minute meditation, Valerie Gangas 'awakened' to find herself on a personal journey of spiritual transformation that culminated in the creation of the Enlightenment is Sexy website and her book, Enlightenment is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life (with some pit stops involving working with Oprah Winfrey and the David Lynch Foundation along the way). You could contact her via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Valerie Gangas
Valerie Gangas