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We All Belong To The Universal Tribe Of The Souls.



She has decided to be fully honest this time.

She has now waited for too long. The truth is waiting — waiting for her to speak it. She just wants to go and launch herself in life. She wants to catch its intensity, dive fully into the eyes and heart of anyone she may love and create sparkling memories.

Breathe life to its whole.

At heart, it’s only that she has always wished. No, she doesn’t want a superb career or the biggest diamonds. She doesn’t want the top of I-don’t-know-what; she even doesn’t want success because she doesn’t understand what’s behind the word.

Just savor life’s nectar to the last drop.

Why launch herself into life? To feel our humanity. Tame our essence.

Launch to share our loves and fears, our flaws and doubts, our words and smiles. Catch our foolishness and sorrows — the whole bunch of emotions.

Then, she wishes to paint them all with our survivors’ words. Write down our battles and swords. Honor our resilience.

All of us. Everywhere. We travel the world to see all the human’s expressions and hear all the voices — to understand the whole path. But only with true words — the ones we sometimes keep quiet on the inside. No, the rest is superficiality. Anyone could say or fake what’s already fake. That’s the easy part.

Only the pure heart and soul can experience. There are no embellished stories or framed speeches. Then, she’ll color our world with the magic she caught.

She’ll surround the whole tree of feelings with understanding and capture the universal light we have on the inside.

And she’ll draw a poem of it, write songs from our hearts, paint our stories with golden pencils.

Why speaking about Us, our Humanity?

She doesn’t want to hear about distinct places and exotic cultures. She doesn’t want to hear about races or ethnic groups, ages or ways of life. All of these are nothing but tangible interpretations of being in this world.

We’re all made of blood, cells and water.

You. Us. Me. Life. All the notes of the same song, Humanity.

Through each of us, she will see our light. Our common essence. Our shared strength.

No, she doesn’t believe in specific beliefs and religions. She believes in believing. In some kind of transcendence standing above us all. Whatever we may call it; all beliefs are nothing but different shades of the same color.

No, she doesn’t want to enter any box or to belong to any closed group of people.

We’ve built boxes to tidy our bodies, minds and voices. To make sure we wouldn’t be lost in the diversity and infinity of the world’s possibilities. To face our fear of the unknown.

But nobody could remain captive within one. Because we’re a lot more. We’re souls and energies, and energies can’t be locked in. Boxes don’t truly exist. We all belong to the Universal Tribe of the Souls.

That’s why we should inhale all the life we can.

Let the mind breathe as far as it wants to; the thorax catch as much oxygen as possible, Learn as much as we wish, live discoveries to the fullest, dive into the life of all the people we’re attracted to, love as deeply and sincerely as they inspire to.

Travel as much as the soul demands and explore the whole inner song, see as much as the eye can get, honor all the memories,

Let things be. Do not get scared too much, but live.

As we’re all part of the whole, wherever she goes, she finds our humanity in the deepness of herself.

That’s why she is fine with starting and giving up. With coming and leaving. With falling in love and losing it. With breathing some air, and then some other.

Everywhere, in any situation, she feels Us living on the inside. It feels like home, at peace.

The energies of the loved ones seem to be quietly following her, whispering all around her body.

Wherever she goes, she feels the positive words of the faraway supports, their serene presence sending aerial kisses from somewhere in the world.

The sweet power of the lost ones. At night, she even gets to see their souls in the sky. Each time, while breathing the landscape of the stars, she says she reads one of their new stories.

You. Us. Me. Humanity. Love. Hearts. All linked through the imperceptible thread of life.



SophieGregoire02Sophie Gregoire is a thinker. You may often find her with a new idea or a new concept to explain, holding a notebook and pencil. Also found reading and writing, she is more than anything an independent soul. She enjoys traveling and getting lost in new places, namely in Asia. She says it helps understanding our worlds, its people and the humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality, and to keep the little piece of sanity she still has. She savors coffee, encounters, Yoga and meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook and on her writing page.


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