4 Simple Mantras to Magically Transform Your Life.


Isn’t life awesomely wonderful?

And isn’t it amazing that we so easily forget how exciting life can actually be?

I have voices in my head that constantly talk and talk, and today they whispered secret mantras of life. But mind you, these are not mantras for the fainthearted. They take into account that sometimes life is a bed of nails blanketed over by chocolate-covered rose petals, and in moments of such realization, a problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created.

So as soon as you wake up in the morning, and before you allow the alarm clock to dictate the rest of your day, take a five-minute breather and repeat each mantra five times. After all, we are all walking each other home.

  1. If (I: Intention for the moment/day, F: Follow it through)

I was recently in the shower alone, and as usual, I was talking to myself.I’d probably freak the eff out if someone other than myself answered me in that moment. I was thinking about an online course that’s pending completion, and said to myself that if I had the time, I’d look into it today.

How many times do we use the word if in our lives, as though we have no real power over what comes next? How many times do we use the word if and think of it like a faraway fantasy? In my life, it’s way too often, and my favorite excuse for not completing what I start is — you guessed it — my family.

Of course, if I’m busy doing what I need to for them, then I get a free pass to not be responsible for my life. They need me. My dreams are so important and fulfilling, but alas I shall have to sacrifice them for the greater good. I shall take an axe and chop off my own legs for my imagined satisfaction of their dream life. Am I not right?

Bullshit! If I want more in life, I need to stop being a whiny, righteous li’l asshole, and realize that no one else can live out the life I choose to have except for myself.

So nowadays whenever I say the word if, it is an opportunity for me to repeat and fortify my intention for the day and follow it through. Again and again.

Your intention will always hold more power if it directly relates to you. For example, saying I would like world peace today is a great intention, but it will leave you to the mercy of either power or peace flowing from the outside in. You are the MVP of your life, so if you would like world peace, you could frame it this way: “I am powerfully peaceful, and create a path for all others around me to be and do the same.”

Magic doesn’t work by giving your power away. It works by recognizing the pure cosmic prana in everyone and everything. Especially yourself.

Which brings me to my next mantra:

  1. We are all assholes! Be kind to each other.


This is one mantra we keep forgetting in our everyday life.

All human beings love to be right in our talking and condescending attitudes with each other, which makes everyone else, instead of ourselves, responsible for our problems. We, the serious and grave adults who keep life going, who make it possible for our daily lives to run in a system of organized chaos, developed a way of being right and smiling a whole lot less than we were born to do.

We try to blend in more with the stoic, grey, towering skyscrapers around us, and less with the blue-cloud-clad sky and the dancing rain that should be the grounding force of our everyday lives.

So when someone pisses you off or acts as if they are too good to be true, just remember, we are all assholes! You and me both.

Be kind. Every time you catch yourself saying you are right and someone else is wrong, repeat this. Every time someone makes you mad and demeans you, repeat this. Saying this over and over doesn’t make you any less or better than them. It stops the separation. It stops distancing you from them.

It stops feeding your ego and your identification with your personality, and allows compassion and forgiveness to come into life much faster.

Once again, remember that we are all assholes! Be kind to each other.

The sooner we accept this golden nugget of wisdom, the happier and unified life will be.

  1. Be aware of a scare.

Master Choa, the founder of Pranic Healing, says a very powerful statement in his twin hearts meditation. This is a beautifully powerful yet gentle meditation for an everyday practice. His words, “Be still, be aware,” are unforgettable.

Stress and anxiety are the most unnatural, everyday occurrences in life nowadays, and yet we consider them completely normal. For your information, they are not!

These stem from the big F — fear, of course — and though fear may be a cautionary action on our part, more often than not it leaves us paralyzed and confused about the choices available for us to take.

Our monkey mind loves to stress, question, analyze and worry about the most random things from a sneeze to someone wanting to borrow a cup of sugar. The topics we feel a need to discuss are much of the time an endless source of even more anxiety and fear.

Sitting quietly in the morning, repeating this mantra, brings you into a space where you become aware of the fearful or anxious thoughts you are having on a moment-to-moment basis. Once you realize this, be still and be aware.

Try to pinpoint where exactly in your physical body you are feeling this fear. Once you identify the spot, put your dominant hand on that spot and tap it gently. Visualize that every time you tap it, your hand releases beautiful white light into that very area until that area is full of gentle, shiny, bright white light. You could say those words as well, and it will still work because your intention counts.

Energy always follows thought.

And remember this: if you stay in your heart, you make fear your bitch!

Yes, you read that right.

Whenever you feel fear in your body, it means that in that exact moment in time, you are not living in your heart. You are breathing and still alive, but you are living and vibrating at a lower level of energy than at your optimum capacity.

Your heart is not only a physical organ that pumps blood through the rest of your body, it is a powerful chakra and energy vortex that emits an aura hundreds of times more powerful than the brain.

So feeling fear in your body means that you need to raise your level of energy to that of the heart. The easiest way to do that is by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths into your heart space. Stay there. Soon enough you will feel as though you are surrounded by an empty or dark expansiveness within.

When you feel the expansiveness within, the contraction of fear shall subside. I know some of you might have heard all this before, but reminders in matters of the heart never hurt anyone.

  1. Possibility is my dragon, and I am going to ride him/her hard today!

This is a powerful one.

Fear may be a corner, but possibility is the entire Universe.

It creates paths where there were none. You see, everything around us is magic. The grass that grows, the crows that fly, the sky that rains, the people that build — everything!

But of course, as people who want to analyze and dissect in order to understand, we put things around us in boxes and categorize them with names. We expect this to bring our lives a sense of peaceful order. Of course it does that, but it also limits the ultimate reality of the things that we perceive; it limits the ultimate achievable possibility.

There are different ways of translating this into people language. For example, your bank calls and says that there is a payment of 6000 dollars on your credit card. Is it genuine? If you are in Germany and this transaction was in America, you would argue that it was a scam. So the bank puts it aside as a fraud case and cancels your credit card.

Now, as a man who needs to pay bills, you are enraged because it is an inconvenience. And as a woman who needs to pay bills, it is an inconvenience. Then the spiraling starts. Your mood turns bad and you are upset, so anyone who comes in your way needs to get out of your way asap. And so on and so forth. All because of some outside force over which neither you nor anyone in your path had control over.

But wait, all is not lost. Magic is everywhere, and since possibility is your dragon and you are going to ride him/her hard today, that’s just what you do.

You get a piece of paper and you write down a possibility. It’s a powerful spell, so don’t be a wuss while you create. You can write down this magic spell any which way you like.

In this case, you could write something like this: “I create the possibility that the Universe will deal with this fraud payment on my credit card properly and rapidly, bringing forth only abundance, love, divine guidance or protection, and good health. So be it.”

Writing this down will not only give you a sense of control in the midst of confusion, but it will also conjure up forces far greater than the physical ones for your benefit.

I’ve actually seen this work pretty efficiently. Repeat this anytime you feel a lack of control in a situation, and remember to stay in your heart as well. Every problem has a way of working itself out once you create the possibility for it to be resolved.

Energy follows thought and intention, remember?

But mind you, wild one, that magic has a rule that says: “Whatever you give out comes back threefold to you.”

So you want to send out only that which you want to receive — abundance, love, divine guidance, divine protection, prosperity, good health, and above all, you want to include the words properly and rapidly in this spell. So that whatever happens, happens only according to right karmic conduct and your magic does not come full circle to smack you in the butt.

Soon enough, you might also repeat your intention of the day to yourself and follow it through, because your possibility and your if might be similar in nature.

This is the powerful moment that seals your circle of magic.

I wish you magic in every breath.


SaharaMirpuriA rebel without a cause, Sahara Mirpuri is a writer, a mother, a wife, a priestess-in-training, and a witch, currently in the process of coming out of the broom closet. She writes often under the pen name SRM about magic, love, and the strength within, because she believes we are the key to transforming the world around us. She aims to midwife women and children into birthing the truest, most beautiful and wild version of themselves, beyond all physical and emotional boundaries. You can follow her writings on Facebook or Instagram.


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