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Sex, Spirituality and Effortless Orgasms.

The irony with orgasms is that if you are not trying desperately to have one, the more likely they are to occur. Settle yourself into a happy acceptance that you might come while you are asleep and dreaming, but if you don’t, that is okay too; a good night’s sleep is seriously underrated.

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I Have A Christian To Thank For My Pagan Ways.

Thus my journey began, diving deep into research on- and offline, searching for all the mythologies of the old world, before Christianity attempted to wipe them out. I was astounded and amazed at the similarities amongst them, especially the ones that were separated by vast expanses of ocean  ...

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4 Ways To Practice Love In The Time Of War.

How do we speak, not to the defenses and the armor, the puffed chests and bolstered cases, but to the innocent creatures beneath, rattled and confused? How do we step into the battlefield with curiosity, not to fight, but to call one another home? How do we call each other back to our own  ...

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