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Do I Really Know? {poetry}


When I feel overwhelmed, distraught, hopeless about the events happening in our world, politically, environmentally, interpersonally, I turn towards curiosity instead of hiding, denying, or condemning.

I look to find my blind spots, things I haven’t considered. Looking for a way to understand the magnitude of that which I cannot control. I am doing my part step by step, question by question. There’s much work to be done to help our world, and it won’t be solved by thinking that projects blame or fear. It is through the heart the clearer direction lies. After all, do I really know the master plan?


Do I really know what another feels?

Watching the forests burn

The animals perish

Many populations without water or food

My only perspective is my own capacity to assimilate what it might be like

But I don’t know

I haven’t been a mountain lion in this life

I’m not a tree

I assume there is suffering because I would be uncomfortable

And yet I trust that the Divine plan is

Just, loving, kind

That there are many realities, evolutions happening that I cannot yet conceive

As my consciousness grows

My trust evolves

I believe in mercy

I believe in divine intervention

I believe in a complex web of order

I believe everything is giving itself to the greater good

It may not look pretty

It may not seem just

It may look horrific

But do I, a singular human, truly know the whole story?

Is it possible that evolution is happening in the wake of destruction?

Is it possible that the sacrifices of many are for the species as a collective, not only humans?

Is it possible we are watching parts of our own systems crumble to give compost to new births?

What does it all mean?

Stay curious to the mystery

Some may argue we are facing the end

Some may say it was all our doing

Some may say there’s no hope

Others may add there is nothing to fear

We are near the end

And also the beginning

The beginning of being aware

The beginning of taking responsibility

The beginning of dying illusions

The beginning of building relationships with nature, one another, ourselves

The beginning of believing in oneness consciousness

The beginning of our evolution as conscious creators

Maybe we’ve done this before

Maybe we are an experiment

Maybe we learned something old, in a new way

Maybe what is falling away is the weight of shame, greed, separation

Maybe we are all walking the planet home

Home to a new beginning.


As a Clarity Coach, Brigid Hopkins is devoted to helping people bring the clarity of the heart to the mind. With soulful awareness, Brigid guides clients to support their next phase of growth, drawing upon multiple healing modalities including Shamanic, Practical Reiki, Chakra Wisdom, guided meditations, crystal therapy and sound therapy. She connects to the community through writing and public service. Brigid serves on the Board of Lake Erie Institute, where she leads Moon ceremonies quarterly. Brigid’s personal writing culminated in a memoir, “Feathers of a Phoenix,” an exploration of her own journey to draw meaning from her experiences. You can find the book on or Barnes and When not spending time with her husband and family, you can find Brigid penning away in a coffee shop, exploring the shore of Lake Erie, or taking contemplative photographs of Nature.


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