We Need Leaders to Set Boundaries With Expansion.


The healing we need requires Right Relationship. Right Relationship requires understanding and upholding boundaries of Natural Laws.

We are a nation built upon abolishing boundaries and dominating Natural Laws.

We are a people who cry when one little fu**ing freedom (i.e., distraction addiction) is taken away. Implying that the forces you so vehemently scream at for taking your rights are also the ones you believe give you freedom. You’re so not free, my friend, and you just gave them power over something that no one but your creator has power over.

When a client who is at my altar in horrific pain tells me her menstrual cycle is absolutely wrenching her guts in half and asks what she can do, can I help her? I tell her that cutting out her massive coffee addiction is an almost guarantee to help.

She looks at me like I have failed as a healer, because I was supposed to fix it for her.

“Taking away coffee is not a boundary I can set with myself,” she says. “Then you have made a choice, and now you know better and are choosing not to do better, so when blame day comes you better have closed fists.” (I didn’t really say that, but she got the message when I said I couldn’t help her).

I worked for close to a decade with severe illness and trauma in mainly women, in mainly white privileged women seeking healing for really deep imbalances that have brought them to the edge of life in some cases. And only in the cases of almost losing their life did they make change.

I was exhausted by giving support to so many who refused to do the work that would make the shift they claimed they wanted. They had the money, the success, the education, the spiritual virtue signals that, in my opinion, should make doing the deep soul awakening trauma work a requirement because they have the privilege to do so.

There are many layers to this as it touches what we also deem successful and how many hide behind and are seduced by a false sense of wealth.

And here’s the deal. When you have more, you have more to lose. And when you have more to lose, you have more fear. And when you have more fear, you will dig, subconsciously and consciously, moats that protect your palace. Moats that you do not know how to swim across because you have hired others to do that for you.

You’ve lost your animal instincts and connection to that which knows how to regenerate, collapse and rise without it becoming a tragedy. Death is not a tragedy, my friends. It is not a pathology to remedy.

One of the greatest ills of hierarchical indoctrination is it teaches the psyche to give away sovereign power, responsibility and the authority to take charge of one’s own life and healing. It severs the intuitive body. It is made this way for a reason, which is why it was easier for these women to take pills that poison their bodies, and therefore the bodies of many many others, than to heal.

Choosing which discomforts and hypocrisies we live by or stand up against requires serious inner work at establishing boundaries with ourselves. Good luck, Coca Cola nation, where the wealthy hoard egregious amounts of resources. Do you think they are going to give up their addictions and set boundaries with themselves for the greater good? Their nervous systems will never let go, there is too much to lose.

They are not emotionally or spiritually, or really physically, equipped.

I saw Amanda Gorman speak (I watched it eight times), and to be honest, when the camera panned to the crowd, all I saw were a bunch of suits squirming in their hypocrisy. I am that empathic. Here is another artist made rightfully famous, and yet in that moment of fame her message is at risk of being lost.

Completely missed because fame has been lumped into wealth, and wealth into money, and money into expansion and things and addictions and commodities.

I pray that we honor her vision, her message. I pray it found the ancestors below all of their feet and stirred something from the deep to help this dire situation. Because it will take those that live beyond the veil to raise her voice as a hymn of change. We are not alone, folks, this forgetfulness has come at a great cost.

I am not hopeless, but I wonder if we just need it all to crumble because repairing at the level necessary requires looking at the why there are cracks in our paper-thin foundations. Which means, we ask the ground first what we have permission to imprint upon Her flesh.

We listen to the wind when we ask, “Are these trees ready to come down? Will it create harm or will it create space and more for all life if we uproot these lives?”

It means businesses have altars honoring everything that lived and died for their erections (yes), so employees know who has created their position on Earth and what sustains and serves their livelihood because they are in service to Natural Law. So creative endeavors are supported by forces unimaginable.

So healthy competition prevails and there is no need to push against another because the Goddess is on your, and everyone’s, executive board. So we create enough and no more. So we have everything we need, no more and no less. So everyone walks away at the end of the day with a pocket full of an abundance that can never deplete as it is sourced from a well of Truth. So more love makes more love, not less — period.

Your highest accolade is the ability to communicate with every living thing, your world expands into a belonging forever awaiting your arrival. We need not travel in rockets fueled by pain. We realize that all we need to do is kneel at the altar inside our hearts again.

Here is where everything we could ever dream, any communication to all species, the heavens and beyond will whisper the signature of all things into our souls. Science remade in Her name.

It’s a vision. We need our visions.

In order for any change or any vision to happen at the level we need, it still must come from those we politically venerate because that is what we all voted for. Because we are still addicted to hierarchy. We are relying on leaders and organizations that know almost nothing of transition, transformation, death, regeneration, initiation and alliance to that which they pray.

If you want change, turn to those who live closest to the Earth, the bottom dwellers we demonize. The healers who have been remade by an authentic healing hand that shapes us in Her beauty, not a paper shaman. Those who have turned their lives towards that which cycles with transformation and gifts forth true abundance.

Those who know how to build and have rebuilt their lives a thousand times to, in many cases, now have a palace built inside of their hearts. I sense there is more medicine for these times from the homeless on the streets and the migrant workers whose hands touch the Earth each day than our entire Congress. They sleep upon an often cold, but always forgiving, pillow of wisdom every night.

(Okay, a little dramatic, but you get the point… or not, doesn’t matter).

I will tell you, this is the healing every woman was actually seeking when she walked through my door. The initiation, the letting go, the Earth dwelling, the faithful life.

The day our leaders can set boundaries with expansion, domination and playing a role that they are severely unequipped to step into — as it is a role that can only be held by a whole body of people in unison with Earth and Heaven — guided by Earth and Heaven, in their own lives, is the day we truly begin, and not a moment before.

We are only as powerful as our ability to unify with Life. Period. Power is a collaboration with God, the voice inside the heart and the fervor to follow through on virtues.

Deep down ask yourself if you really want the change you sense possible. Because this change you claim to want will claim you. You too will be asked to change, my friend. Ask why the fight in your heart still feels better than scaling the walls inside your soul. Or maybe you haven’t been almost dead enough yet?

There’s a reason Bernie Sanders still hovers in the background…

Peace out. Thanks for reading.


Shira Stardrift is a Wisdom Keeper of the Feminine Arts. Her cosmology rises from the womb body, physically, spiritually and archetypally. Her devotion to the Goddess in their many faces, and Love of this crazy human experience, is expressed through her writing, her music and in the way she expresses her Life. This is all woven into the medicine bundle that holds space for her client’s journey in this mysterious Life.


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