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This Light of Mine.

It is not extinguishable. It cannot be held captive by your distorted view of the Divine. Its ownership cannot be assigned to you. It is now running from this room. It is fleeing this church, and it is coming home to the Church of My Body. It has lived through thousands of years of sinking,  ...

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Don’t Ask Me My Sign. {poetry}

Don’t ask me about my sun, my moon, my stars; Don’t think they will teach you my triumphs and scars. The truth you are seeking won’t come in a word. The secrets I’m keeping will speak when I want them heard. Don’t ask me my sign -- no, don’t ask me that yet.

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A People-Pleaser No More.

No more ringlets, pink cheeks and phony smiles bullshit. We owe it to ourselves, to our sisters, to our repressed grandmothers, to our mothers and to our daughters. We owe it to our fathers, to our brothers, to our husbands and to our sons to stand in our strength and shine like a massive  ...

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A Manifest(N)o: Clearing The Space For Yes To Manifest.

There are some scenarios where this shift to the positive is medicinal (while navigating a minor disappointment, for example), some where it would feel delusional (when grieving is necessary, there is no detour around it; the heavy heart needs our feeling and healing, and pretending that only  ...

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All Of You — Let The World Have It.

... we belong in places where art is created, where music is heard with passion, and love is felt so deeply that it breaks our hearts just to know that it exists. We belong on trains -- to have the feeling of being alive; of feeding that place in our hearts that must be free. To be free… We are  ...

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