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V. Nicole Godin


I Am a Freight Train on My Destiny’s Track.

You don’t have to scratch very deep to recognize that my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. Freight trains are not equipped with the mechanisms to slow down or be patient on a dime. You have to throw them in reverse, and it takes miles of track and scorching metal to make that a  ...

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you & me

Never Quit Loving, Do It with Your Heart Wide Open.

My love is a chaos endured by a ritual of blood, sweat and tears... as a willingness to hold space for your tomorrow because you are unable to rise in your love today. Oh yes, such love is being brave enough to tattoo your soul with its higher vibration. Feeling it. Beyond rationality. Beyond  ...

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Surrendering To The Warrior Circle Within.

As we dance together in this connected exchange of power and control, we instinctively realize that we are not isolated from one another, even in our mistakes. We truly recognize that we are comprised of the wisdom and spirit bestowed by those who have committed to guiding our journey, and that  ...

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