The Magic Of Music, My Lifelong Partner.

I tune in, turn on the internal radio and select a song to hear, to inspire and get me moving forward.

Each note turns the key of my heart and I dance. Dancing on the keyboard and words flowing from my soul as the music plays.  At times, tears of joy or maybe it is pain… the opening brings to the center what needs to be felt, exposed… healed. Revealing the wounds still raw and being irritated.

Dreams remind me of the time of this situation creating this reality, or perhaps it was the time that I met so and so and we did this or that. He left quickly and cut the wrist on the way out, not looking back. I fell to my knees while holding myself in disbelief of how much I believed in him or saw the illusionary potential.

I smile now, knowing the hope I have living inside of me.

Slowly, bit by bit, I revealed my secrets and hidden spaces through the experiences of the game or the dance. It all depends on the music at the time.

One thing is certain. Music has always been there for me… in some form — physical, mental or spiritual. Music is the lifelong partner I share my life with… as he knows the truth of me and he holds my hand through it all, with the space I need to learn, yet letting me know I am not alone.

Music tenderly embraces my journey with me, with gentle messages that caress my soul, and lets my heart open for new possibilities. He keeps me grounded and dancing, swaying in the mysteries, turning a phrase of elegance while disguising the tears.

The seduction started when I was young, as Music asked me to come out of the darkness and dance. It didn’t take much to coax me out into the light. His song was sweet and his smile intriguing. He knew I was born to dance with life. He took me out of the darkness, exposing my vulnerabilities, then disappeared for a while.

He left me there for a while, sitting in the light, uncertain of the next move or not knowing the rhythm of the song. His own pain took over his song. He hid away from me, only returning later, when I had finally found my own footing and steps in the dance. He whispered at me from a distance and touched my shoulder.

He took my hands, and led our steps in time for the song, yet something was different. We were different, yet the connection the same.

He took me to a special place where the moon hung in the skies overlooking the waters. Trees hummed with the breeze and loving magic lingered in the air. Friendship was born again with a depth of understanding the truth. He revealed another side of me to me, exposing my potential and the magic living in me.

Music taught me much about the secrets of life, to trust myself as well as to live my magic with joy.

Yet I didn’t need him as much as he needed me. Our steps were off, as choices of obligations took over the moment. We wished things were different, and decided to be friends within the magic. I became a muse of his songs, like the undercurrent melody, and he is a muse for poetry, between the lines.

Music is the magic and the internal voice of love embracing and intriguing us to keep moving through the pain and the joy of this dance of life. The whispers in the night letting us know that we are not alone on this journey, and taking us out of the dark to sing our own song of brilliance. Assisting us to find the rhythm of our voice, the melody of our lives, and the words we live to experience.

Enjoy your dance.


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Jennifer Hillman
Jennifer Hillman is a writer, intuitive life coach, Reiki master and NLP practitioner. The sensual side of her personality embraces a vulnerable, nurturing truth with a strong determination, mixed with the fragility of the feminine. Acknowledging the essence of her powerful inner Goddess has been an ongoing process. Her writing is reflective of this process and inner growth. She shares more of her writing on her site, < She has two books of poetry published in her Embracing Souls series, "Poetry of the Dance, Vol. One" and "Words of the Heart". Her radio show Abstract Illusions Radio , on and YouTube, explores and celebrates the creative human potential. Connect with Genevieve/Jennifer on Facebook and Twitter.
Jennifer Hillman
Jennifer Hillman
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